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If you had a 'magic island' in a dream world, a place you could make all up by yourself, what would it be like? What would be the environment, both natural and human-made? What would be a typical weather in there?

My 'island' would probably consist of two parts. One would be a large castle, surrounded by open fields and a small forest amidst a thunderstorm and powerful rainfall, the thunders reflecting off the castle walls. The other one would be a tropical beach, a place where the waves slowly hit the sand, the warm sun and breeze hit my face when I drink some cold drinks and ch... Read more

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Is the European Union failing?

Is the European Union failing? Can you answer?It is not the European Union that is failing but Greece. Subsequent Greek governments were just recklessly borrowing money from abroad building up a huge debt. Then their government agreed to fix the debt on the EU terms (slashing the welfare due to the spending cuts) and was also being given extra money from the EU to pay it off, ... Read more

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