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Tips and Tricks: How to have many accounts on Twitter (or any other website) with the same email?

2016-01-07 Vicigo

Do you want to have many Twitter accounts with the same email? Maybe you would like to start a new profile where you would post news and updates solely about Web Development or a new fanpage just for your website?

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And you don't want to create a new email specially for this purpose? One forgets passwords, even email addresses, if they are used only once a while and we totally get this - we ourselfs at VQ-Labs run 4 Twitter accounts - @viciqloud, @_sirbz, @vvicigo, @studentask... And there will be much more in the future hopefully.

And here comes the highlight of this article:

We manage all this acounts with a single email .

One single requirement is that you need a Gmail Account.

And here comes the trick:

Gmail doesn't recognize dots as characters within usernames, adding or removing dots from a Gmail address won't change the actual destination address.

What does it mean? For instance, let's take the emails and stand for the same inbox! So, irrespectively if you send a message to one or another, they will land in the same place! 

The dots and capitalization can help make the Gmail address easier to read for humans, but the Google Gmail servers don't even notice them. And we can use it as Twitter and virtually every web service out there, will treat the emails with dots as distinct.

Let's do a simple math with the above statement and a single assumption. Your gmail username has 6 characters e.g. "talentwand". You know how many possibilities are there to put dots between the letters?

You can put dot before, after the string, and also in between. In means 2^10 = 1024!

For one gmail username (with 6 characters) you can create 1024 separate accounts!

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