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2016-04-16 Vicigo

On-Demand Era

The fast-moving technology companies competing in this arena have developed new models that are transforming industries which have historically been slow to innovate. The ground transportation (Uber, Lyft), grocery,  restaurant (Lieferando), and services (TaskRabbit, StudenTask) industries are prime examples of hyper-growth categories in the on-demand world -  growth attributed not to new products, but in a large part as a result of new technology on top of already existing infrastructure.

Not a new product

The disruption does not change the character of the product or the service, but only affects the access to it in such a way that it is fast, simple and efficient experience.

Nowadays, immediate access to messaging, e-mail, media, and other online functionality through smartphones has given us a sense of entitlement to fast, simple, and efficient experiences. And this is exactly what On-Demand-Businesses are providing - fast, simple and efficient experiences.

3. More time and convenience for customer

At StudenTask, we leverage technology while utilizing existing infrastructure. We organize freelance labor (those with excess time) to help those who have money but not time. 

As we are active in Germany, on a rather conservative market, we address with StudenTask the innovative “Explorers” and "Pionniers", while betting that the enormous growth in the On-Demand Economy (also in Germany) is not another bubble.

StudenTask is dedicated to help everyone get things done smarter by connecting people together and revolutionizing everyday work. StudenTask aims to help people take back their lives, be their own boss, make some money and just feel good again.

4. StudenTask mission

Our mission is to connect busy people with entrepreneurial students who can help them get things done. In the process, we’re bringing back that old time neighborhood spirit. We’re part of the movement working toward building a more collaborative economy. We empower people, the customers and the taskers, to decide when and where they want to work / save time. Also, we are disrupting the stagnant work market in Germany, making in more flexible and opening a new sector, for short-terms job contracts on a massive scale.

StudenTask is available for iOS and Android smartphones:

Get StudenTask for IPhone here

Get StudenTask for Android here

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