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2016-05-20 Vicigo

Here is a short overview of headlines just after the President Trump meets the German leader Chancellor Merkel.

The meeting's important point was that the US administration reassures the German nation and the world that it stands by NATO, yet demands a higher military spending among the NATO members.

There was also a short remark by Trump in response the wire-tapping question, which he answered with a joke and basically left unresponded.

As the key topic was indeed NATO and it is a topic of such a crucial importance, one would expect that the reporting would be on this area, maybe a little bit biased depending on a news network. Yet there have been many networks that concentrated on the little joke and the NATO-issue remained untouched.

I ask myself, if the news report something totally irrelevant said in the meeting, is the term "fake news" reporting justified?

Fox News (very pro-Trump, yet on topic)

BBC (anti-Trump, not on topic)

Reuters (objective, on topic):

CNN: (anti-Trump, not on topic)

Deutsche Welle (objective, very general):

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