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A good year 2015: Everything which might have gone wrong, did.

2015-12-19 Vicigo

I did everything wrong what I possibly could do and I failed terribly. 

I started a company with no money, I created Vicigo without any plan (does someone still remember Vicigo - the Journey Planner? :), suspended my studies just before writing a thesis, embarassed myself thousand times and counting; likewise, everybody around was saying I am acting stupidly and I would not listen. And I must say to all the naysayers - you were right and I was wrong.


Considering above, am I crazy to say that I am actually satisfied? How may it be? A year full of failures has just come to its end, yet I cannot say it's been a bad year. On the contrary, it was the best year of my life.

Let me say you one thing - eventually, it does not matter, if I failed or succeeded. What matters is the person I have become along the way, the skills acquired, the connections made and the inner growth which takes place. Paraphrazing Hemingway, in the end, only the journey matters.


A year ago, I was feeling in a similiar fashion - "I have just lived the best year of my life" and respectively had it been two years ago. In addition, they were not successful years. 

I was not taking the right, smart or optimal choices. Just to give you an example, at one point, I had decided to become a poker proffesional and started playing in European capitals and German kurorts having 'Baden' in their names. You may guess how it ended...

The satisfaction is correlated to one thing - I was continuesly putting myself out of a comfort zone and virtually living out there. And it was a recipe for it and I am continuing to do so, even now while writing this little mémoire. 

The only one new year resolution that I have for 2016:  STAY OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.


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