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StudenTask: How do I pay my Assistant?

2015-12-01 Vicigo

We are setting up an eWallet solution for every user on StudenTask - Clients and Assistants.

The entire payment process (including reimbursements) is handled securely online after a task is complete. Before you can accept applicants you will be asked to enter a credit card and to transfer the required amount onto your eWallet. You will always have to confirm any transaction happening on StudenTask. Your eWallet will not be charged until after your task has been successfully completed and confirmed by you.

There's no need for cash to change hands, as we are a cashless platform. Once your Assistant has finished your task, they may submit the number of hours worked.

Please note that there is a price minimum of 10 € per task posted.  

Price guide

- Basic tasks 10 € - 30 € per hour

- skilled tasks 25 € - 50 € per hour

- tasks with required professional skills from 50 € per hour


You'll receive two invoices, one service invoice from your Assistant and one provision from StudenTask. They will exactly amount to the total cost of the task which includes 15% service fee, 19% VAT on StudenTask fee and optionally 19% VAT on your assistant invoice .

All invoices will be sent to the email associated with your StudenTask account. If you need a invoice resent, have questions about your invoice, or need assistance adding your credit card information, please let us know at

Read this article in German under the following link:

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