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2015-07-21 Vicigo

Midnight at bandra-worli sea link, over the dark eruptious sea, the man, with Colt MEU, was pointing straight to the chest of the person opposite to him. The man was with rough, uncombed, dark black hair, eyebrows tending near to each other, intense stress marks on his forehead, dark brown complexion. Hand holding ammunition with folded sleeves, tore at some point, with the eyes full of sorrow and despair, stretching to aim the opposite person he pulled the trigger.

The chaotic sound of the pistol echoed, silence was broken, bullet headed the person with the sublime appearance, dressed in the corporate suit. Three bullets dug deep into the chest of his and the body paralyzed due to the shot from the point blank range. Bending the knees he fell straight on the ground as deficient and motionless as he has ever been before.

Aanis stood over there for a while incredually believing the person is dead. Sorrow and disgust in his eyes went deeper. Inky patch appeared on the still body.

Cimmerian city has endeavor the aphotic smell of the syrupy blood oozing out of the dead body mixing with the breeze which perhaps is sniffed by Aanis, leaving him with hatred and despair.

He passed by the body, stiff as a wooden plank, and kept walking till his tired feet with no cover begged for the rest.

The atrocious murder was accomplished in peace....

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