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2017-10-09 Vicigo

Why is it that when we look for a hotel or flight in a web the price of the second search is always more expensive?

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Surely on more than one occasion it has occurred to you that you have set out to look for a hotel, travel or flight through a specialized website and after making that query you have left the decision to make the purchase / reservation for later, meeting you that in the following searches the results are always more expensive and you can not find the prices and options of the first time ...

The reason why the specialized pages in search of flights and hotels or the searchers of the own companies offer prices that differ from the first result to the following ones is due to the IP Tracking that realize of automated form said webs

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It is about storing the information related to the search and IP (that is the registration of our internet connection) for when someone performs any search to offer you the prices agreed with the agencies, companies and establishments. As most of us do not usually make the purchase in the first of our searches, but prefer to compare with those offered by other websites and / or think about it, it turns out that that trail that we have left through our IP gives clues to the page of our interest to re-enter a second time to re-conduct the consultation or with the intention of acquiring the flight / hotel / product.

It is then that we appear (usually) a price higher than the one offered in the first consultation.

This they do knowing that it will disturb the prospective buyer and will make us think that if we wait more days or we do not make the purchase at that same moment, prices will continue to rise, something that leads us to buy it as soon as possible and thus ensure that sale .

Another of the 'tricks' used by some search engines is to put the number of places available (there are only 2 available!), Although not always true, so the mere idea of being able to be without that reserve makes us definitely encourage ourselves to buy at that moment.

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To avoid having to buy / book at a higher price, a good trick is to perform the searches from computers / mobile and different internet connections, so if it is done from one place the first query is very possible that in a second from another place offers us the same price / conditions as in the first and you can buy it at a lower price.

In case of not being able to have different computers / connections, it also usually takes effect to erase the trace left by our IP to restart the modem (between the first and second search).

Some consumer associations have complained about this and even some countries (such as France) are taking steps to curb such practices.

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