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2017-09-19 Vicigo

Figure out what the suggestions are

In this way, the user chooses between one of the existing categories: Culture, People, Name or Questions and then Google Feud poses the challenge with the following formula : "How would Google autocomplete the following search?". The player, then, has to enter words, trying, in this way to correct, what are the ten suggestions that would offer the search engine to complete the sentence.

The game, which is currently only available in English, only allows three errors and, for its part, each success reveals the position of the suggestion in the ranking and adds points.

google feudNot the first auto-complete game

Although it is something new, the truth is that this game of Google is not the first or the only based on the autocomplete function , since last year, two Canadians, launched a board game called "Query", through the platform Kickstarter.

For those who do not know the function of autocomplete the results of this function, they are usually surprising and help to characterize the way in which searches are made on the Internet and what is sought. Other times, rather than surprising, they are unwanted; hence Google has been forced to censor on occasion, such as, for example, searches to enlist in the Islamic State.

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