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2017-10-24 Vicigo

Due to the multitude of devices available to everyone, the view is increasingly expressed that technology 'dazzles' children. You only have to participate in a conversation between parents that revolves around the technology and the smallest of the house to start hearing a series of sentences that we have all become accustomed.

"The kids are dumb with technology." " All day glued to the mobile ." "They can not do anything else." "We are creating addicts." "The kids now do not know how to play." These phrases not only indicate certain tecnofobia , in addition, they are totally and absolutely false .


And technology can play a very important role in educating your children . It is not a matter of delegating all kindergarten education to an electronic device, of course, but it does mean that you have a cable. If you want to try, we recommend five 'apps'.

1. iCuadernos (Rubio)

As a good nostalgic person you are, you have probably grown up with the Rubio Booklets and to this day you keep the affection that you deserve (although in time you might not like it so much).

If so, you know that the Spanish publishing company has been able to renew and adapt to the times, and now its famous booklets have also made a digital leap. You can check it with your iGuarders .

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Rubio booklets allow your children to learn how to write, color and improve their math

Whether it's writing, learning math or even coloring , your kids can now exercise with these booklets just like you did in your childhood. In fact, they will do even better, because before they start, they can create their own character, configure it to their liking and even win medals as they overcome challenges.

Download (free): iOS , Android .

2. English for kids (Papumba)

App stores are packed with tools for your children to learn English. In this case we will recommend Learn English for kids , from the Argentine company Papumba.

This app is one of the most complete for several reasons: first, you can choose the type of learning for your child: first words, animal recognition , coloring while learning vocabulary, etc.

English for kids lets you choose between British and American English, depending on which one suits your children

In addition, if your needs are more specific, you can even choose between British and American English , depending on which suits your children.

Download (free): iOS , Android .

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3. Great challenges (Puleva)

In reality, Big challenges is an application that is divided into three, depending on the age of the children: one of 0-2 years, another of 2-3 years and another of 4-7 years . Each one has six different games that exercise the so-called multiple multiple intelligences : interpersonal, mathematical logic, spatial visual, naturalistic, rhythmic musical, kinesthetic body, verbal and intrapersonal linguistics.

In addition to mere entertainment, the 'apps', developed in collaboration with the Complutense University of Madrid , seek to strengthen children's self-knowledge and the internalization of healthy habits such as food, physical exercise and care for the environment.

The three 'apps', divided by age, develop and reinforce the eight multiple intelligences of children

In addition, the 'apps' have an area for parents to register and follow the evolution of their children , their progress and the benefits of each game. Likewise, the library area offers them training contents to complete their education and learning.

Download (free):

* 0-2 years: iOS , Android .

* 2-3 years: iOS , Android .

* 4-7 years: iOS , Android .

4. Coloring Book (Playground)

If with English for kids you stayed with the desire that your children continue coloring drawings, we have good news: Coloring Book is one of the best 'apps' that you can download.

This app will place your children in an infinite scenario: no less than 600 drawings to be able to color any type of figure, landscape or animals.

Coloring Book has more than 600 drawings and vocabulary related to the environment

In addition, Coloring Book has an obvious educational vocation: while coloring, your children will learn vocabulary related to drawing and all the surrounding environment.

Download (free): Android , Amazon AppStore , SlideMe .

5. ABCine (Meikme)

Surely one of the best 'apps' if you want your children to learn while acquiring a culturilla that you have acquired throughout your life.

ABCine is the perfect application for cinema lovers : thanks to it, your children will learn the alphabet, apply the use of all kinds of letters and recognize objects in the environment of the most famous films in history.

'The Godfather', 'Pulp Fiction', ' King Kong', 'The Monster of Frankenstein' ... the illustrations on each film will make your children educate while they know part of the living history of world cinema.

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