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2017-09-19 Vicigo

Maybe it is not the video itself what you might be interested in downloading, but only the audio. Maybe to hear again and again the favorite song of a band or musical band. Well, another good feature associated with this application is that it is possible to find and download music easily, without having to waste time looking at sites where files are shared, and where one runs the high risk of downloading files with viruses, infecting the device and possibly get some kind of fake in return. How does the software work?


Flvto is offered as a free software program. It needs to be installed and offers a robust list of features. The most important thing is that youtube videos can be downloaded and, given the facilities that the application has to convert the video format to an audio format, youtube can also download free music. For example, it is possible to download up to 99 songs at a time, and this audio can also be exported to iTunes with just one click, although it is not necessary to export files to iTunes, since this application is equipped with an audio and video player of high level of quality.

There is also an online version of Flvto, but this involves having to remember a new URL, and also consuming more network resources than the installed program would need. On slow connections this would be noticed more.

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There are alternatives to Flvto You

may know JDownloader, for example, as an alternative to download videos from YouTube, but still many Mac users could find certain disadvantages to the program. JDownloader needs the device to have Java installed, and sometimes, according to the speed of the device, this can lead to some performance loss problem. In addition, the download formats offered by JDownloader are not always the ones the user would like to download. Flvto is not restricted to Youtube

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Although the name of this downloader specifically mentions YouTube, it is actually possible to extract videos from multiple websites. This makes the Fltvo application technologically more user-friendly, and could help Mac users to free up some space, since a long list of similar software options will no longer be needed. Flvto is also compatible with SoundCloud, Vimeo and Dailymotion. I find that being a free application, and with the features of multiple simultaneous downloads and easy file conversion, this is an interesting option to try out.

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