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Which Social Media Channel Is Best for My Business?

2017-03-20 Vicigo

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and so on. Since we live in a world where we can easily connect to people all around the world, why don’t you start engaging your brand with your target group with a social media channel that will suit your business best? Here, I need to underline that having the best social media channel for your business does not mean having an account in five or more channels that are popular nowadays. 

On the contrary, focusing on one or two social media channels would be the perfect way to expand your reach and grow your brand’s awareness. Therefore, by assuming that you already have an idea about the content of most popular social media channels, I listed some points that they will help you in deciding on which channels you had better head for in order to maximize your brand’s reach. 

1- Where Is My Target Group?

Do not create an account in every social media channel that they are popular. That will harm your business instead of helping you. That’s why, after you know who your target group is - business or private people - start with the most important questions before you create an account:

Where is my target group? Which social media channel do they use most? Where can I find and reach them? Analyze your target group, do some assumptions regarding their preference on social media and validate them. You can validate them both by checking user demographics of channels and by looking to the people who are sharing posts on those channels. 

2- What Will I Share on My Social Media Page? 

In other words, what will be the content of my posts? This is directly related to your industry. If you belong to fashion, food or similar industry which underlines visuality, you will probably post photos instead of text. Then, you need to choose a channel that focuses on visuality. 

It is the same process for a business that would underline texts or videos. Then you need to head for a channel where you will reach your target group through those posts. In short, think about your social media marketing strategy. What will you share? After answering these questions, just choose a channel or channels accordingly and start creating an account. 

3- Where Are My Competitors?

Competitors are the ones that you would always learn something from them. This is also valid in social media. Check some of your competitors’ social media pages. Discover which channels they use and the engagement to their posts. That would definitely give you some more idea on use of social media channels. 

4- Compare Results

Let’s say that you have evaluated the three points above and decide on more than one channel. Now it is time to see if they work well, if they satisfy your expectations. Google analytics is a perfect tool to see how is the engagement in each of the channels. By evaluating the results, you can see which channel works best and which channel you do not even need to have. 

To sum up, do not immediately jump on various social media channels to create a community, but try to narrow your preference and focus on the ones that will contribute to your business growth.   Do not try to be visible at places just to be more visible on internet . Instead, be visible at the right place with a content that will maximally engage your target group with your brand.

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