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The Usual Reckless West in Syria

2017-03-29 Vicigo

“Tonight, I ordered a targeted military strike on the air field in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched.” 

The statement belongs to the US President Donald Trump who had until then passive policy against Syria.

Both during his presidential campaign and after he was elected as President, Donald Trump defended that the United States should fight more against ISIS than intervening foreign countries’ internal affairs. However, his policy has changed after not only he but whole world was shocked by the chemical attack happened in Syria on 7th of April. The United States, as expected, blamed Assad regime for the disaster without any inquiry and the president gave the military strike order on the air field in Syria.

While theUS’ attitude was clear, the rest of the world has been more cautious about giving any direct blaming statements. On the other hand, Assad, who has been backed up by Russia and Iran, has rejected any responsibility for the attack.

Apart from the fact that US has been blamed by some countries — mainly Russia- for violating international law due to strike attack Syria, we need to first stop blaming and inquire the attacks as to prove or learn the responsible for the chemical attack. I would like to make a reference here to 2013 when US and Western countries blamed Assad regime for another chemical attacks. After an inquiry, it was understood that the attacks were held by rebels not Assad. So, even though we already have such an example, the West — mainly US — keeps acting recklessly, accuses a regime and sends missiles before anything is proven. The severity of the situation should be understood, but not in a way that would bring more chaos.

Meanwhile, should not we think about any possibility of a provocation? Is it too hard to stop for a while and ask whether Assad can be so stupid to do something horrible that would target him. Would not be a very reckless move doing such a big mistake while winning a war against West?

So, we need to think deeper, not be small minded, not believe every videos on social media and tell ‘oh poor rebels, oh poor children. Pure evil Assad’. We should not be so naive and believe every propaganda as there are always people who want us to believe what they tell. We need to understand that no war starts without any reason, nobody starts killing his own people suddenly. We need to understand that there is no one- side of evil in a war and there are always some people who want to have a war and trigger the war because the country is not doing what they want anymore. Because the country says ‘NO’ to them, and because the country acts against those people’s interest. And that moment, those people provoke a battle with the excuse of bringing a democracy to the country and ending up bringing a war and an instability to the country.

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