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Syria in the Middle of Debates

2016-02-04 Vicigo

The ongoing crisis in Syria was the major topic at the Security Conference that was held in Munich. Most important among the conversations, world leaders discussed the air strikes in Syria, conducted by the West and those conducted separately by Russia. As the leaders of those two sides could not agree regarding the“measure” of the attacks, they needed a solution – cessation of hostilities in Syria.

World leaders made several key statements during the conference, including Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, who summarized the situation that we witness nowadays as a new “Cold War”. He clearly referred to the fact that Russia hasbeen blamed for the civilians’ death in Syria. 

                                                             Dmitry Medvedev during his speech 

The question is whether only Russia can be accused. Why don't Western countries strictly criticize their allies' missteps; such as Turkey sending troops to Iraq in December without the permission of the Iraqi government? Would the West accuse Saudi Arabia – another Western ally – of violations in Yemen, if the conference were not focused solely on Syria? Will the West accuse Turkey of intervening in Syria’s domestic issues, since Turkey had just bombed Kurdish fighters – who are in coalition with the US and Europe – while the conference was being held? 

Apparently,the countries – US, EU, Turkey, Saudi Arabia – whose coalition is against Assad, Russia, and Iran, have a contradictory strategy. Western powers have criticized Russia's policies on Syria due to the fact that Russia did not agree with the West in favour of ending the war in Syria, but instead carried out policies to its advantage. 

Nonetheless,the same situation is happening to the West's allies as well. While Saudi Arabia gives priority to overthrowing Assad, Turkey fights against not only Assad,but also against Kurdish fighters whom the West helps in order to fight against ISIS. 

Consequently, shouldn't Western leaders first observe their allies' steps before accusing the other side? Wouldn't that be helpful towards the unification of both sides,which is articulated but cannot yet be practiced? For now, unification does not seem possible because each country has its own interests and keeps accusing the others, yet continues committing the same actions at the same time.

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