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Should the Kurdish people have their own country?

2015-07-09 Vicigo

It depends on the person to say if the Kurds should have an independent state or not. It is definitely a subjective issue.

In my opinion this largest stateless people deserve to have their own country. Basically, they are totally a different nation - with their language, ethnicity, history and culture - though it is denied by the countries they live in such as Turkey. So, why do not they have their own state 'Kurdistan'? - not a region or autonomy - rather than being spread and exposed to racism through many policies in four countries in Middle East - Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria.


'Kurdistan' overlapping four different countries

The answer is obvious as it could contradict to other countries' interests which display the fact that they are the arbiters not the Kurds unfortunately. Here the reality, in which we can not be subjective, comes to the fore and suppresses our subjective opinions. Apart from the current policies of varied countries regarding a potential independent Kurdish state, the reason is also related to the concept of self-determination which is one of the most important issue of international law.

Self-determination which led to many colonies to have their independence in Twentieth Century has prevented many stateless people to have their own states as well. The reason behind is the UN Resolutions which limit the self-determination - independence - of national minorities as it could change the 'borders' of several countries. United Nations defends strictly the 'territorial integrity' of states against a separation of a 'dependent nation' - Kurds. Thus, it hinders an emergence of a Kurdish state as it would require some changes in the territories of four Middle Eastern countries.

As a result, it is highly possible that there will not be an independent Kurdish state in near future though we witnessed the disintegration of Soviet Union and Yugoslavia.

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