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Paris and 'others'...

2015-12-06 Vicigo

It was November 13th when all Western world was in shock. Both the newspapers and channels were publishing the terrorist attacks occured in Paris. The horrifying attacks which caused 130 civilian's death. ‘The attacks were the deadliest on France since WWII’ was one of the most repeated sentences on media. All western world was affected terribly by the ‘unexpected’ attacks.

When I learnt about the news, I could not give the big reaction that my European friends had given. What was wrong with me? Or was the problem me as I was not ‘that’ shocked? Or was it them whose reactions were bigger comparing with the attacks occuring other parts of the world? Why was I more shocked by the reaction they gave but not by the attacks? If I be honest, it was a little scary for me to think that way as I do not want to be perceived as an ‘insensitive’ person. But let me explain why I had those thoughts.

I come from a region where people are unfortunately 'accustomed' to those kind of attacks. Middle East is one of the regions in the world where such attacks have been occuring 'regularly' which makes them to be comprehended as 'normal'. But why is that 'normal'? When did the death of several civilians in regions except Europe become 'normal' and when it is 'shocking' in Europe? Does the frequency of the attacks prevent them to be called 'shocking'? Why are the terrorist attacks in Lebanon, Iraq, Tunisia or Turkey not mentioned as 'horrifying'? It is not because that the lives in those countries are less important, but because it is 'normal' there. Why do Middle Easterns have to be exposed to 'differential' labels apart from the attacks?

I totally understand Europeans - or Westerns - as what happened in France was not a case that they experience often contrary to Middle East or other regions. However, I can not understand why the killings in other regions are normal for them, thereby are not underlined as much as Paris attacks. If we are sensitive people, why don't we condemn others equally? Why do I pray only for Paris but not for Syria, Lebanon or Afghanistan? Why can't we unify for all of them. Aren't they concerned about their family's lives as Westerns are?


Huge support to Parisians from other countries

In short, as we do not choose where to be born, do the attacks occuring other countries not deserve to be mentioned ‘horrifying’, ‘terrible’ or 'shocking' regardless of their frequency? Can't we just have the same empathy for all?

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