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Nov, 2015: How does the shooting of the Russian jet affect the Russia-Turkey relations?

2015-11-25 Vicigo

We may not know which side tells the truth as while Turkey defends itself by claiming 'Russia violated our airspace', Russia keeps denying. However, we can assume that Turkey will be affected much more negatively than Russia. In fact, the consequences for Turkey have already started to emerge. Here are the most significant two. 

On the one hand, the tourism will be affected seriously. It is highly possible that Turkey will lose huge amount of money in tourism as Russians comprise one of the highest percentage of the tourists in Turkey - specially in summer in Southern Turkey. Unfortunately, Turkey did not have to wait for the summer. Numerous sport teams started to cancel their camping reservations in the hotels, from which Turkey used to earn 100 million euro yearly. It is expected that Turkey will lose the 70% of the income provided from sport tourism. It is not difficult to guess what might happen in the summer. Therefore, there will be really serious consequences in terms of economy.

On the other hand, there is another thing which Turkey gets benefit from Russia: the gas! Turkey is one of the countries who is attached to Russia because of the gas. So, many people suppose that the 'shooting' will make Russia bring new regulations or conditions regarding providing the gas. 

As a result, Turkey has to 'give up' lots of things due to shooting. Russia has just started not to permit the passing for trucks, which carry Turkish goods. So, it seems that there will be more. I hope Turkish authorities have thought about it and have some back ups. Nevertheless, 'what goes around comes around...'

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