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Mauritius II - Piece of Heaven

2017-01-16 Vicigo

I had written in the first Mauritius article the island's heavenly feature. However, it is not a heaven that you would only relax, enjoy the peace around you. Contrary, Mauritius has lots of attractions that you can experience and discover the whole island. I will write what we did during 12 days of our stay in the island so that you may have some ideas for your trip to Mauritius. 

1- Wave & Kite Surfing

I have to tell that Mauritius is not the best island to do wavesurfing :) You will not find big waves like in Australia or in some other islands. The waves in Mauritius are quite for beginners and learners. Nevertheless, Tamarin Bay - one of the famous beach of the island - really worth to see even you do not want to surf. You will not regret when you will find yourself in the middle of mountains, an ocean and a river. Also, Le Morne is known for wave and kite surfers. Lastly, north eastern part of the island is where you can do kitesurfing.

2- Hiking & Climbing

I could not separate these two as when you start one, it is inevitable to skip the other. I will tell you two amazing places to hike and climb in the island which we experienced. First one is the most known Le Morne Brabant. It is a pretty famous mountain as the slaves were escaping to the mountain back then. In fact, it holds UNESCO cultural heritage feature. The mountain totally met our expectations at the end of 2 hours hiking/climbing under 35 degrees. The moment when we looked down was speechless. 

The second mountain we climbed was Lion Mountain located in the region of Vieux Grand Port - a forest and wildlife area. It was more difficult, longer and included frequent rock climbing than hiking, which made it more fun. After 3 hours of climbing, we met a huge mountain ranges view in front of us and there, we had conquered the island :) One quick note: we had to climb as we could not find the track which we found while we went down. However, not finding made it far more challenging and fun! Also, be careful to mosquitos!

4- Scuba Diving

Mauritius might be one of the best places to try scuba diving. I have to tell that there are no sharks which may disappoint some while relieve others. Trou aux Biches, northern west of the island,  is one of the most known spots for diving. The price is around 70€ per person including whole equipments, a lesson and a personal supervisor.

5- Snorkelling

This would be a good option for people who would not prefer trying scuba diving. Mauritius has lots of beaches with coral reefs where you can snorkel. Best places would be: Flic en Flac, Blue Bay Marine and Trou aux Biches.

6- Biking

Firstly, there is one thing you need to know: Renting bike is not possible in Mauritius! This is because the bikes are frequently stolen. Therefore, you need to buy one. I know that buying option may not be attractive for most, but you can sell it later to local people or to the place back where you bought it. It can be cheaper than renting for you at the end as it was for us. 

Secondly, biking would be the best way to discover the island. Even though it might be hard as the traffic is on the left side and people might sometimes drive crazy! Nevertheless, I can assure you that both biking through coastline or inlands will be the times when you will enjoy most the amazing nature of the island. Finally, while biking, you can always discover unexpected places or moments such as a waterfall, a cave or a sudden rainbow through mountains.

7- Catamaran

This is the only thing we did not do during our trip. Frankly, it was not an attraction for us. However there might be people who would like to lie, eat, swim and relax whole day. Then, it is a good choice. Also, it can be a good choice after a tiring biking or climbing day. 

8- Bus journey

One of the attractions that you will have fun most. Mauritius has old, colorful busses that you need to try once to experience the local transportation. Also, you will have the most fun bus journey in your life with a great African music!

What NOT to do? 

Do not try to swim when there is a tide. It would be not only hard but also would be dangerous for you to swim when the water level is too low and the bottom is full of purple crown-of-thorns starfish hidden under rocks especially when it is the area of coral reefs. We did that mistake as we were so enthusiastic to swim to an island in the middle of the ocean which ended up with a challenging and a little scary swimming back to shore. 

PS: I have to tell this: You should not come back without eating any street food. If you like spicy, chilly food which is pretty cheap as well, Mauritius will give you the opportunity to taste lots of tasty street food from different countries - mostly Indian. 

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