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Is Guerilla Marketing a Good Option for My Business?

2017-03-19 Vicigo

Guerilla marketing can be a perfect advertisement strategy for startups, but can risky at the same time. This advertisement strategy attract many startups due to its ‘cheapness’ comparing more traditional marketing strategies. 

Nevertheless, entrepreneurs should know that it might not satisfy expectations and thereby, might not be a strategy for business that cannot take risks. However, you cannot become successful without any risk when you are a member of entrepreneurs’ world. That’s why, we pointed out some facts that you need to know about guerilla marketing and decide if it is a good option for your business. 

What to Pay Attention

Usually people think that guerilla marketing requires extremely creative ideas. Well, I would not say so. You do not have to have super, unique creative ideas to realize a guerilla marketing. It is possible with some extend of creativity, some time, some effort and a low budget. 

Besides them, here comes the real important thing: You need to determine through which channels you can reach to your target group and which tools or ways to use. And for that, you need to ‘know’ who your target group is (I mean really know!) and how you can address them in the right way. Know what your target groups like, watch, read, hobbies/interests, which social media channels they use more and when they are online, or if they be found online and so on. If you already managed this step, now you can think about creativity. You can have a creative content, a video, a street art, a billboard and more. 

So, if we sum up, know your target group, know how to address them with what, start executing and give them something that they can talk about.

Beware the Cons 

Apart from that it is cheap to execute and it has potential to go viral, it also has some cons as every marketing campaign does. Here are some three well known of them. 

  • Hard to Predict : You cannot guarantee and be sure that your marketing campaign will succeed. You can just predict by evaluating the results you get. However, it is hard to predict when it is guerilla marketing. It depends on how you evaluated your target group and most importantly if your guerilla marketing was carried out at the right place, at the right time! 

  • Message Failure: There is a possibility that people might not get your real message and misinterprete it. Therefore, the point that I underlined above regarding knowing your target group is really important here in order to avoid not only a possible failure but also a bad reputation.

  • Waste of Time: A possible failure would mean a waste of time. Guerilla marketing might be a good alternative to traditional marketing with regard to its low budget. However, it requires more time and effort, which - particularly former one  - are really important for small business. 

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