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Is Cold War Really Over?

2015-12-10 Vicigo

We live in a world where we witness no single day without any conflict. So, we should be used to every disagreement or clash. The truth is we are not. We get shocked by every instance and keep asking ourselves 'what else can be?'. I believe, some of us have specially thought about this when our 'active' world has been having one of the biggest problem - ISIS. Unfortunately, we have already had several militant organizations that we call them 'terrorists'.

However, this one has led to the intervention of the two unlike countries - US and Russia. Well, this is not something new as well. However, these unlike countries have been providing some help for different groups at the same time. So, while they have the same purpose, they also try to realize their interests in a country which is in the middle of a civil war and also tries to resist the big enemy - ISIS.


Holding hands as if unified but, in reality ready for a fight.

During the fight against ISIS, these two countries do not hesitate ‘denigrating’ each other through media from which we can never have objective information. When we look at the news published in Western media, we see Russia as the biggest obstacle regarding having a peaceful environment. And, if we look at Russian media, we see the contrary.


How West showed the ally - Syria - of his 'rival' Russia.


What Russian partisan website has shared

So, are they fighting against a common enemy or are they fighting each other? Why can't they put aside their own views and unite fully against the big enemy? Hasn’t Cold war already ended or are we facing a new Cold war? Well, according to Noam Chomsky, to whom it is impossible not to agree, we are indeed!

Apart from the struggle in Syria, there has been another case lately which makes me think that the Cold war is still 'on the agenda'. The shooting of Russian airplane by Turkey. One of the conspicuous thing was the support of the West regarding Turkey - a NATO member - and critic to Russia without any international inquiry lsuch as an investigation held by another country. Basically, the West was avoiding to have any objective attitude and tried to get adventage of what Russia was accused of. Doesn't it remind of the Cold war years? Hasn't anything changed actually?

To sum up, the 'actual' Cold war is over, the clash is still there though. People or politicians still have the Cold War thoughts. May the years have passed, there is no progress in minds and it does not seem that there will be in the near future. We do not need a battlefield as we are always exposed to the ‘clash of thoughts’. The worst is we can not be neutral. So, you are either from ‘us’ or ‘them’ which will lead you to other wars – the wars that will never end…

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