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How does the east and west of Turkey differ?

2015-11-26 Vicigo

The difference between the East and the West of Turkey is similar to a difference between to distict countries. They are totally distinct from each other that one can hardly find similarity. The two most significant differences between them are the language and the culture (ethnicity). While the language of the West is Turkish, it is Kurdish in the East. Of course the official is Turkish in the East as well, however, if one travels the East he will mostly hear Kurdish. 

The difference in the language is result of the distinct culture they have. The majority of the East is consists of Kurdish people who have been living in those 'lands' before even Turkish people settled down the current territory of Turkey. That's why, the difference in the ethnicity leads to a different culture. 

Furthermore, the education level is one of the obvious differences between those two parts. While the education level is above the average in the West, it is below in the East. No doubt that there is a reason for that. Everything concerning the education is limited in the East. There are less teachers as most teachers do not prefer going to the East due to either low living standarts or the clash between Turkish military and Kurdish militants. Additionally, the conditions in the schools are far worse than the ones in the West. For instance, there are no technological tools in the schools or the worse, students from different grades are studying in the same class. 

As for the employment, it is way below than the East because there is no investment to the East (except some insignificant ones). There is no industry in the East which is the most important reason for the high unemployment rate. The production in the East is supplied from livestock and agriculture. Yet, the most of the fields are belong to the aghas - leader of village - which causes other villagers to live in worse conditions. Consequently, there is no working class in the East. 

The difference between in the East and the West of Turkey can not be described in such a writing. A person who travels both would experience it by himself and then would understand that there are more to tell. All in all, these two parts are like brothers who share the same 'home' but at the same time they are totally different inside.

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