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Generalizing - Donald Trump's Solution to the Attacks

2015-12-19 Vicigo

Generalizing - one of the most common mistakes we do in our everyday life. We do it mostly because we do not want to dig the problem and we 'generalize' instead of trying to find a solution. That was what Donald Trump did last weeks when he called the banning of Muslims from entering US. He chose the easiest option with regard to the fight against the terrorist attacks. He generalized all Muslims as if all of them have the potential of being a terrorist.

Not only many Americans, but also numerous people around the world opposed to Trump's words. A president candidate of an 'exemplary' country has implied Muslims as 'dangerous'. What was Donald Trump thinking when he did that statement? Was he thinking that he would have the support of many Americans specially after the attack in California? or was he just concerned about his country - USA which includes Muslim people in it - and he thought that the banning was necessary regarding the protection of the country against the attacks? No matter are the answers, Trump's words have had everything except support.


Michael Moore protesting Trump's word by supporting Muslims

Trump's attitude of generalizing has drawn a lot attention as it belongs not to an ignorant or uneducated person but to a person who might become a president of the strongest country in the world - USA. He is not a potential president of a Third World country where people take precautions in their own ways which are 'full of hatred' - just like the way Malala defined. 

After all, will not Trump's words radicalise the Muslims more? Will not the generalizing Muslims as potential threats provoke many of them and lead to more dangerous situations? Unfortunately, we might have the answers really soon.

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