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Fear and Anger - Common Emotions of Divided Turkey

2016-02-19 Vicigo

Turkey has been experiencing consecutive terror attacks recently. While some of them were carried out by ISIS, some have also been invoked by the Kurdish groups on account of the ongoing conflict that has been triggered by the current government. Despite Turkey has - unfortunately - witnessed such attacks before, the fear and anger among citizens have never been so high.

As expected, people are more worried both about their lives and their beloved ones. However, they are much angrier unexpectedly. What has changed that anger has become a dominant feeling rather than fear? The answer is simple: People in Turkey has had the awareness of what their government has been carrying out. They have realised the people who have provoked the attacks, thereby the real culprits are the Turkish government. 

Silent protest by university students.

Unfortunately, to become aware is not enough as people keep 'living by chance' in Turkey. Nowadays, people prefer not to be in crowded areas, parents hesitate to send their children to the schools. Living everyday with the psychology of 'what if' and thinking of 'will I return home safely today?'. This is the common situation of all people in Turkey, not only Turks, Kurds or other ethnic groups. While the government tries to divide people and increase the hostility between them, these people are sharing feelings - fear and anger - and are becoming more alike everyday.  

Can we say then that the government brings two different nations together unintentionally? We can when there is a peace in the country hopefully. Nevertheless, we can say for sure that the government has been contributing to the 'peace' desire by two sides - Turks and Kurds. Thus, one can claim that it is the time when both nations are sharing the same goal. 

People demanding 'peace' in spite of brutality and attacks. 

The more Turkish government continues its brutal policies to its own citizens in the Eastern part of Turkey, the more terror attacks happen. Consequently, people are more critical towards the government and insistently demand a peaceful country that they have not been able to have for a long time. Who knows - maybe the government will lead to a unity of the Turks and the Kurds which could not be realized even during the 'negotiations process' that aimed to solve the Kurdish issue in Turkey. Yet, for now it is obvious that people will continue to pay the price and feel the fear and anger.

Images from calisi

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