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Equal attacks, unequal repercussion

2016-01-10 Vicigo

We have been hearing several terrorist attacks recently. Unfortunately, not all the attacks receive the same attention from the world in spite of their serious consequences. The difference in paying attention to the attacks can be grasped through a comparison between some of them. Let's take for example, Paris attacks and Istanbul attack. 

As you might remember, Paris was exposed to series of terrorist attacks in November 2015. The attacks got enormous attention from the world media particularly from the Western media. Certainly, it can not be considered the contrary as it was not a 'familiar' case for Europe unlike Middle East. Thus, there were varied news regarding the attacks focusing on how shocking or horrifying they were. 


French people having support from around the world

As for Istanbul attack that happened on 12th of January 2016, we can not say that it received the same attention or it was depicted with such words - horrifying or shocking. In fact, the attack, which caused 10 German tourists' death, did not lead to 'numerous' news on the media. Comparing to Paris, Istanbul attack got less attention from Western media except German media, which is not surprising as the victims were Germans. The apparent difference between the two attacks in terms of attention may entail us to several questions that never end. 


The way Istanbul attack was reflected in Western media

Why Istanbul attack was not underlined as Paris attacks? Did the geography - not Europe - of Istanbul attack make it less significant? Was the consequence of Istanbul attack - 10 dead - less striking than Paris'? Should it be series of attacks to get more attention? or Should the victims be Westerns? 

In brief, I believe that people from Middle East do not expect slogans such as 'praying for Istanbul' or any change in the profile pictures of social media accounts. However, they expect the same empathy which do not require 30 news in each media channel. They expect not to be mentioned - indirectly - as if the unfortunate cases in Middle East are 'ordinary'. They do expect an approach that would not make their lives perceive less valuable than others. Because, they deserve the similar awareness.


 'The photo of empathy' shared on social media 

PS: After Istanbul attack, the same approach was seen in the attack that happened in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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