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Being Smartass - What to do, What to Say or How to Act?

2015-10-21 Vicigo

Being a smartass or to be seen smartass is mostly disturbing and even make people to avoid you. Nevertheless, it has some positive sides indeed if you do not cross the thin line between being the annoying smartass or the lovable one. In order to be the latter, you must not exaggerate some definite things such as acting as if you know the best of everything otherwise you will be arrogant which will completely turn you into a irritating person. Instead, have a look on the things below and be an acceptable smartass. In fact, you can be perceived as a person who has a full self-confidence.


So, here are the points that you had better take into account. Here we go..

1. Watch James Bond Series


You have watched all the series and now it is time to imitating him – his British accent certainly. Act as if you are as attractive as him and can do all the cool stuffs. Do not forget to use my dear in your sentences or else you would be a deficient Bond. Would you want that my dear?

2. Speak Decent English and Use Specific Expressions


Show off your English knowledge and use some words that are not used so much in daily life. For instance, say given the fact that instead of asproviding instead of if or dashing instead of stylish and so on.

Besides, there are a few expressions that you should state sometimes. Actually, most of the time particularly when you can not find anything to tell. The most simple but the appropriate ones in order to be a smartass are be coolsure thing and of course.

3. Learn Something That So Few Know


Pirate English! Have you heard of it before? Then it is a perfect example for the title. Just learn it and feel yourself proud and unique. You will increase your charm by speaking Pirate English any time.

Here are some sentences that you may use and be impressive.

- What be happenin', Matey?

- These be not th' droids ye be lookin' fer

4. Have the Control and focus on Arguments


You know absolutely what I mean. You are in the middle of a talk and the topic is something that you do not have any idea about it. Do not worry, just stand straight! By directing the conversation, link it to the topic that you think you are best at it. Having the control will conceal your ignorance about the topic. Also, you can use this tactic for guiding the topic - during the job interviews as well. So, have it in your mind as a good strategy!

Moreover, arguments are important in terms of a deepening the conversation. For instance, during a discussion of an opinion, you can ask for the arguments without going too far. Otherwise you will be annoying. Try to push the other person to give you more arguments regarding the topic. Indicate that you only want to hear more about his/her point of view. Nothing more!

5. Do jokes but only innocent ones


You want to be a truly a decent smartass, then you had better not skip jokes. Do jokes that would not harm anyone's emotions but keep them a little sarcastic at the same time. However, do the jokes to the people you know such as your friends but not to the people you do not know well as your jokes would not be so harmless then. Basically, do jokes for the people who are not offended by them (be sure about it!).

For instance, you can say as a smartass

Did I tell you the breaking news? Oh, of course I did not as it is none of your business!

As a result, by fulfilling the 5 things that I have mentioned, I can assure you that you will have all the credits of being self-confident or let's say a  lovable smartass!

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