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4 Ways to Get First Users on Your Platform With a Very Low Budget

2017-03-17 Vicigo

When you have a startup you need to always be careful about how much you are spending on what. You cannot easily go out of your financial plan and play with your budget. That’s why, you need to look for the ways to realize your plans - especially marketing plan - with a budget as low as possible. This is mostly an inevitable situation when you are at the beginning phase of your business as every coin is important. 

Therefore, we listed 4 ways to get first users on your platform without spending big amount of money and effort. 

Have a Good Content

Let’s assume that you already have the core element of your product, a website. Why don’t you make it catchy? A catchy does not mean that you should use videos, unique designs or animations. Having a good content would be a perfect start to make a great first impression on your potential users. While creating your content, focus on user’s need and problems and how can you address these two. Don’t try to advertise your business, it is enough that a helpful content is presented on your page. It is not a rocket science. A brainstorm and to empathize would be enough and to spare!

Go Events, and Talk

I must admit that it is might not be for everyone. Having an outgoing character would ease lots of thing in this case. Nevertheless, if you try to get out of your comfort zone, you will see how ‘not scary’ it is. Firstly, every entrepreneur is going events to do a pitch, to have an opportunity to raise their voice, and do some marketing while enjoying the atmosphere with like-minded people. Therefore, everybody is alike and knows why you are there. 

Secondly, that can be indeed one the most effective ways to promote your business and enter entrepreneurs’ world if you use it. There is no better place to directly talk with your potential users than this.

Send Emails

This is best for the ones who cannot come out easily of their shells. While email marketing can be seen easy to realize, you should not take it for granted. An email without a catchy subject and a good content is doomed to go bin. So, when you send an email to a potential new user in order to direct him to your platform, definitely do some research about whom you should send your emails, prepare a template and do not worry if you do not get an answer. After all, you have nothing to lose but a lot to win.

Think Different

Even though guerilla marketing might not be suitable for every business model, it can be unique way to get users on your platform though it requires more effort than the points above. Contrary to the low budget that you will use, you need to use your creativity a lot. Most common guerilla marketing examples include using stickers, street art, or broadcasting videos that would go viral. No doubt you do not have to do these and you can come up with some new creative ideas. Nobody stops you!

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