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If you had a 'magic island' in a dream world, a place you could make all up by yourself, what would it be like? What would be the environment, both natural and human-made? What would be a typical weather in there?

My 'island' would probably consist of two parts. One would be a large castle, surrounded by open fields and a small forest amidst a thunderstorm and powerful rainfall, the thunders reflecting off the castle walls. The other one would be a tropical beach, a place where the waves slowly hit the sand, the warm sun and breeze hit my face when I drink some cold drinks and ch... Read more

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What question do you hate to answer?

They are the questions which are related to my studies. For instance, when I was doing my bachelor in Spanish Philology, the question that I hated to answer was 'What can you do apart from being teacher? and 'Can you talk like a native speaker?'As for nowadays, the question that I do not hate but kinda sick of answering is 'What is Transcultural Studies?' which is the program that I stud... Read more

#life #relationships #self