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Can gravitational force be shielded?

tl;dr : No.The term gravitational shielding refers to a hypothetical process of shielding an object from the influence of a gravitational field. Experimental evidence to date indicates that no such effect exists.Gravitation is the curvature of space-time not a force acting in space-time.  Putting up a low mass fence or wall does ... Read more

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Can you explain the counter-electromotive force (Back EMF)?

That's a simple circuit where a motor is connected to a battery. The switch is initially open so there is no current flowing trough the motor. Of course, once we close the switch, the potential will be accross the mot... Read more

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Can you explain the plumb pudding theory?

Plumb pudding theory, better known as Thomson model of an atom was the very fist model to describe electrons in an atom.In this model, an atom consists of blob of positive charged substance and the electrons uniformly distributed within it.The theory has last for only 5 years and was by disproved by Rutherford interpretation of the gold foil experiment which implied a very small... Read more

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What is the difference between heat and temperature?

There are two objects having the same temperature. We bring them together and nothing happens. Their temperature does not change, because there is no transfer of energy. There is no transfer of heat. On the other hand, when one of the bodies has a higher temperature, then the energy flows from the hotter to the colder body. We say that there is a tran... Read more

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Why do stars twinkle?

Just imagine that the water is swirling and moving in every direction. The straw would then appear and disapear. It would twinkle.
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Now replace the straw with a star and the water with an athmosphere :)

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Why do stars twinkle?

Stars do not really twinkle. They just appear to twinkle when seen from the ground. As Christian already pointed out, it is due to the effects of our atmosphere. The light must pass through layers of Earth's atmosphere that vary in temperature and density. It causes that the light from the star is refracted in many different directions.Because you n... Read more

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Why do stars twinkle?

If you observe the sky at night to gaze for stars you have to look through the earth's atmosphere. Due to turbulences (e.g wind) and rapid temperature changes (due to pressure changes, boyancy etc.) in it, the refraction index of the air changes over time and space. Imagine that each small air parcel in the athmosphere is acting like a lense which is also moving, therefore the incoming light is... Read more

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What is your experience with METEOR?

There are pros and cons. Building with METEOR might be very smooth and very harsh at the same time. The former is due to the functionality of METEOR - your write radically less code, you use the same language for the client and for the server and you can port apps on mobile with just few commands. Also, METEOR is reactive - whenever the persistent data changes, the ... Read more

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